Some Guy Got A Giant Tattoo Of ‘The Rock’ On His Leg And It’s Actually Pretty Badass

The last time I shared someone getting a person’s face tattooed on their body it was a godawful likeness of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Of course, that guy lost a bet. Why else would anyone in their right mind do that?

This guy, however, who got a photo of the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tattooed on his leg, did not lose a bet. Nor did it turn out godawful.

In fact, it turned out pretty freaking sweet, I think.

I have to say, that tattoo right there, I think it qualifies as real art. Something I think “The Rock” would agree with based on his accompanying comment…

Wow! I see tattoos like this pop up all over the world from fans – from my face to my quotes – and every reason I read WHY they were inspired to got it done in the first place is very cool . There’s some pretty moving stories out there on why they got the ink. I appreciate you guys to no end. THANK YOU.

And a big thank you for choosing an image where I look like I was caught right in the middle of a highly intellectualized thought. Which I’m sure was the case. I think.😉 #Grateful4TheInspiration #BadAssInk #DopeShading

So now my only question is, who did it better? This guy with his “The Rock” tattoo? Or this person who recently got Carmen Electra’s face inked on their body?

I think I’d go with the Carmen one, but just so I could look at her every day and not feel inferior to “The Rock” every time I wear a pair of shorts.

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