This Guy Lost A Bet, Had To Get A Gary Bettman Tattoo On His Butt And Of Course It Turned Out Awful

bet gary bettman butt tattoo

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For some reason (perhaps alcohol was involved, just a wild guess) a hockey fan made a bet that even if he won he got nothing out of it.

That was his first mistake, but certainly not his biggest one.

His biggest mistake he made was saying publicly that if neither the Chicago Blackhawks or the Los Angeles Kings didn’t make it past the first round of the NHL playoffs he would get Gary Bettman’s face tattooed on his ass.

Of course, karma being the bitch that she is and all that, both teams naturally failed to advance on to round two.

So being a man of his word, bro sucked it up and went and got his Gary Bettman ass tattoo, live-tweeting the whole thing for our enjoyment and derision.

That… that’s not good.

Definitely beats this for bad tattoo bet by our boy Matty by a mile…

H/T Uproxx

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