Amazing Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory Claims The Singer Is An Illuminati Clone Of Satanic Church Leader

I’ve heard some amazing celebrity illuminati conspiracy theories in my time (looking at you, Pretty Little Liars cast), but this one about Taylor Swift the cake. This is Zeena LaVey, high priestess of the Church of Satan from 1985-1990. Guess who she looks like?

This theory has existed on Reddit since 2013, though recently people on social media have been pointing out the Satanic Illuminati symbols in T-Swift’s music videos:

Buzzfeed, who recently re-popularized the theory, adds this:

After leaving the Church of Satan, she renounced LaVeyan Satanism and started to follow Sethianism, which is linked to the ancient Egyptian god Seth. In a 2012 interview with Vice, she said she decided everything her father had taught her was a lie “due to the intervention of the god Seth.” In 2002, she was made high priestess of the Temple of Set.

Currently, it’s understood she is a follower of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

This is and always will be my favorite Taylor Swift conspiracy theory.