Single Taylor Swift Crashed A Military Bro’s Wedding Over The Weekend And The Reason Will Make The Room Dusty

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Typically, my stance on celebrity wedding crashing is stern and unwavering: don’t show up if you weren’t fucking invited you privileged, self-absored fucksticks. Instead of making a stranger’s happiest day about you and cashing in on the open bar and finger foods, crash my dentist appointment. Hold my hand as I get my eighth cavity filled. That’s when I need you the most.

But like most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule. And that’s certainly what we’re dealing with when talking about Taylor Swift crashing a New Jersey wedding over the weekend.

According to People, the recently-single T Swift crashed Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s wedding at the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, New Jersey on Saturday after coordinating with Max’s sister, Ali, since April.

Ali sent Swift a heart-wrenching letter telling the pop icon that Max wed Kenya in the hospital so their dying mother wouldn’t miss out on the experience. Max and his mother even danced to Swift’s “Blank Space” for their mother-son dance before his mother passed soon thereafter.

On Saturday, the newlywed couple had a celebration with family and friends on a picturesque day in Jersey. That’s when Max and Kenya were surprised by their favorite artist.

Swift even performed a version of “Blank Space” for the newlywed couple in front of admiring guests.

Taylor even gifted Max and Kenya with a personalized watercolor painting card thingy that I’m sure was accompanied with a fat check. I’m hoping.

Although I choose to believe that Taylor attended the wedding out of pure altruism, I’m sure she didn’t hate that pictures of her looking A+++ were likely received by Calvin Harris, aka the dude who just dumped her. Two birds with one stone.

Taylor, if you’re reading this, you have an open invite to my wedding. Once I find a girl who will put up with me. See you in 2059.

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[h/t People]

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