Did Taylor Swift Cost An Innocent Radio DJ His Job? He Believes So And Filed A Lawsuit Claiming She’s A Big, Fat Liar

Shockingly, Taylor Swift has yet to date the Limp Bizkit frontman who became famous after screaming “It’s all about the he-said-she-said bullsh*t”, because Taylor seems to have dated just about every other man working in the music business. Moving on I really have no idea whatsoever as to why I brought up Fred Durst, because he has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The lawsuit filed against Taylor Swift in the U.S. District court in Denver by former KYGO radio DJ David Mueller claims that harmful and baseless allegations by Taylor and her camp (they claimed he inappropriately groped Tay’s buttocks) cost David his job back in June of 2013. Meuller’s lawsuit hinges around Taylor’s word versus his, and this appears to be just another string of events in which Taylor Swift’s golden image has been called into question.

Of course if he did inappropriately grope her then by all means he should have been fired, but according to PageSix David Mueller claims that there wasn’t any inappropriate contact at all, and he’d previously worked with many celebrities without any sort of an incident (he-said-she-said bullsh*t).

PageSix reports:

DENVER — A former Denver radio personality has filed a lawsuit against singer Taylor Swift, saying he lost his job after being accused of inappropriately touching Swift during a photo session.
The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District court in Denver by David Mueller.
The lawsuit says Mueller was falsely accused by one of Swift’s security team of grabbing the singer’s buttocks backstage at the Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013.
It says Mueller was fired two days later from his job at KYGO radio.
The lawsuit says Mueller denies inappropriate contact with Swift and noted that he had met many other celebrities without incident.
A statement from Swift’s publicist on Saturday says Mueller’s employer was given evidence after the incident and made its own decision on his job status.

It seems that the Hollywood Hype Machine has began to turn against Taylor Swift, as last week it was widely reported her boyfriend went to a popular ‘rub and tug‘ massage parlor, that there are naked pics of the couple being shopped around, and even Gawker has ceased saying 100% positive things about Taylor’s life with the piece ‘Taylor Swift Is Not Your Friend‘.

Again, if she was groped then f*ck everything about this guy that filed the lawsuit, but one does have to wonder why he’d go through the hassle of filing suit against one of the world’s mots famous singers if he didn’t think he was innocent….Why re-live a two-year-old incident and continue to besmirch his own name if he didn’t believe in his innocence? At least that’s my current train of thought. Of course Taylor and her security have no reason to make up allegations of groping, as far as we know. So I guess we’ll just have to watch and see how this lawsuit plays out.

I’m curious though, who do you bros think is in the wrong here and why: Taylor Swift’s camp or David Mueller, former KYGO radio DJ? Answers down below in the comments!