The 25 Coolest Celebrity Homes

Imagine living your life but with millions of fans and boat loads of cash. Isn’t it lovely? But what do you do with all that money after you buy the essentials? You buy extra’s.

Celebrities live in a life of luxury. They own boats, jewelry, cars, and other extravagant items but the most important thing every celebrity can own is a home. Not just a home, a ridiculously expensive house with more amenities than a New York hotel.

Take a look at the 25 Coolest Celebrity Homes. Enjoy.

25. C.C. Sabathia (pictured above)

C.C. Sabathia’s home in Alpine, New Jersey features a full-court indoor basketball court with an electronic scoreboard and parquet floors. It’s nicer than most high school gyms in the states. It also features a his/hers beauty salon, a home theater room that would make AMC jealous, a full fledged castle bed for his daughter, and a game room stacked with all the awesome you can think of.

24. Steve Finley

Since we are talking about MLB players, let’s stick to another one. Former MLB star Steven Finley is married to interior designer Amy Finley so their house looks like something from The Sims. But he makes the list for his outdoor home theater complete with a 165 inch wall area set up for viewings fit for up to 100 guests.

23. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Bel-Air is easily the most overpriced and ridiculous vain community in the US. So it is only natural Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would buy a home there. It’s a gigantic 9,000 square foot $11 million home with a tennis court, elevator, basketball court, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, bowling alley, and a hair and makeup salon. When you have your own private salon, the word cool doesn’t even begin to describe it.

22. Matt Damon’s Miami Home

Most celebrities don’t own just one home, they own several. Matt Damon owns more than enough but the one that stands out is his $20 million Miami house that features an outdoor bar and patio overlooking Biscayne Bay and a private pool. It also has its’ very own two bedroom guest house for when friends like Jimmy Kimmel stop by.

21. Rihanna

A typical home features around 2,500 to 3,500 square feet of living space. Rihanna’s $12 million Pacific Palisades home has 6,000 square feet, outside. She probably doesn’t even need to spend time outside on her private sun deck thanks to her constant touring and traveling around the world. The elevated pool deck and spa, however, is the biggest draw to this shockingly awesome celebrity home.

20. Jennifer Lopez

What is it about fireplaces that people love so much? I have only ever needed one, J-Lo’s $18 million Hamptons home has seven, two of them outside. Add in the heated marble floors in the bathrooms, library with white oak paneling, and dockage on Mecox Bay and you have yourselves a cool ass house.

19. Chris Evans

Just because someone has money, doesn’t mean they have to spend it. Chris Evans, aka Captain America, has enough money from his Marvel adventures that he could buy several homes that cost as much as his $3.5 Million Hollywood Hills estate. But the coolest part of the 1940’s era residence is the open rooms, the Italian marble, the view, and the overall feel of the home. It is normal, compared to the others on this list, yet it deserves a spot.

18. Tom Brady

Dude has a bridge that goes over the custom built moat surrounding one side of his $20 million home in California. If being married to one of the hottest women of all time isn’t enough, this guy goes out and builds a 22,000 square foot mall of a home with its own resort style swimming pool. All it takes it money, right?

17. John Travolta

Having a moat is great but having your own runway for your very own plane collection. John Travolta loves to fly so it is only natural he would spend all his money building his own airport for a home. From one end of the property to the other, it measures 1.5 miles to allow for the full-fledged airplane runway where planes can take off and land.

16. Halle Berry’s Malibu Beach House

Halle Berry is about as beautiful as they come and her Malibu beach house is just about the same. It is a gigantic beachfront home with more windows than Microsoft in 1999. One of the bedrooms faces a sliding wall that opens up to the ocean with a deck. Oh and if you need to borrow sugar from a neighbor, not a problem at all just as long as Bruce Willis is home.

15. Barbra Streisand

In Malibu, see above, homes are worth more than the person living in it. Barbra Streisand, however, takes the term awesome to a whole new level with her enormous spread that features a private smoking room and more bedrooms than a Chicago Hilton. But the greatest feature is the street of shops where she stores all her old items as opposed to just storing them in a basement. How clever is that? It looks like a mall but with all her stuff spread out over the different shops. Amazing.

14. Will Smith

What happened to the kid from West Philly? He built a 25,000 square foot home in Malibu set with a private state of the art music studio, basketball court, meditation room, tennis courts, and three separate golf holes. Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars in the world and this house reminds us all.

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13. Justin Bieber

Have you ever heard of an infinity pool? It is the ultimate pool for any celebrity. From any angle, it looks as though it runs right off a cliff or into an ocean. It appears to have no outer edge, it just goes on, for infinity. Justin Bieber’s Hollywood Hills $11 million home has one. It also has retractable glass walls, a floating dining room, gym, massage room, an open sky terrace, and just about everything else that you would consider awesome. Too bad the owner is a douche. Otherwise this would be number one.

12. Lil Wayne

Most homes aren’t as expensive as the ones you are reading about right now. In fact, the average home is between $175,000 and $300,000. Most of these celebrities pay more than that in property taxes alone. Lil Wayne doesn’t seem to care however. He owns this $11.6 Million Miami beauty and all its’ features which include a two story master bedroom with a glass elevator. The bedroom alone is 3,000 square feet. His bedroom is bigger than the majority of homes in New Orleans, his hometown.

11. Britney Spears

Not too many people know about Thousand Oaks, California. It is a city just outside downtown LA but it features some of the most beautiful homes in the country including Britney Spears extravagant Mediterranean style home. This home has one of the greatest features in home history, movable walls. She can slide the walls open and enjoy the cool summer breeze or take in a sunset from the living room without lifting a hand. Don’t forget that the walls also open up into a covered patio next to a custom pool and bar. This house is as amazing as you can imagine it to be.

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

We have seen homes but we have never seen something like this. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a lavish home set upon 200 acres of land in North Carolina. But it isn’t the home that is why he made the list, it is Whisky River. Whisky River is a private Old West town he built on his property with a working hotel, jail, and countless other features. How many celebrities have their own private town? That is about as beastly as it comes.

9. Oprah Winfrey

You might have heard about Oprah’s Montecito, California $90 Million home or you may have even seen pictures of it. However you have come about it, you can easily agree that the word cool doesn’t do it justice. The features are so many I will run out of battery on my laptop before I can type them all but the main appeal is how it resembles a castle. And not just any castle, it looks like something out of Game of Thrones.

8. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

In Vancouver, Canada, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell live in a home with two times as many fireplaces as bedrooms. The house has eleven fireplaces. Why? Because when you have money, you don’t have to waste time answering questions like that. That’s why.

7. George Clooney

Over in Italy, George Clooney owns Villa Oleandra, a 25-room mansion located on Lake Como featuring an outdoor theater, swimming pools, and a multi-car garage for his vehicles and motorcycles. No one is quite sure why you would need 25 rooms but Clooney doesn’t care.

6. Tony Hawk

Before becoming the biggest name in skateboarding, Tony Hawk was a frequent visitor to skate parks. But now that he is instantly recognizable, he can’t enjoy going to those same parks without being hounded by fans. So he decided to built his own skate park in his backyard, a 4,000 square foot skate park. It is nothing compared to the $150,000 home entertainment system he built inside the home.

5. Eddie Murphy

George Clooney has 25 rooms in his Italy home, Eddie Murphy use to have 32 rooms before selling his former $30 million home to Alicia Keys for a tiny $12 million. The house isn’t anything short of amazing and has been nicknamed, “Bubble Hill.” It is the bees knees with two indoor bowling alleys, an indoor pool, professional recording studio, and billiard room.

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z

What does $45 million buy you these days? How about Cher’s old home in Malibu? Beyonce and Jay-Z make enough money to buy just about anything they want including real estate. This home comes complete with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, tennis court, gigantic pool, and private gym. 

3. Tiger Woods

Sure, Tiger Woods went through a rough couple of years but that doesn’t have anything to do with his finances. His stunningly breathtaking $60 million Jupiter Island home features his very own private golf course. You know, so he doesn’t lose his game.

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates $150 million Medina, Washington home is so impressive it has its’ own Wikipedia page. How many homes have the need for their very own reference web page? Best feature of this home is the chip people can wear when entering that automatically adjusts the temperature, lighting, and music based on the user’s preferences. How can this not be the number one home?

1. Hugh Hefner

Because nothing will ever beat a house full of half-naked beautiful Playboy bunnies running around and dancing. Nothing.