​The Great Gats-BRO

First, let’s acknowledge that this movie could potentially be seen as a chick flick, because of how handsome Le-bro DiCaprio is and all the fancy costumes. But in all honesty it’s the tale of Gatsby, a man who all bro’s should aspire to be. 

Baz Luhrmann offered a visual feast in terms of sets, and let’s just say it was satisfying. Not strippers at a bachelor party satisfying, but definitely attention grabbing for a PG-13 film. 

It’s a short cut if you’re too lazy to read the book or the easily digestible sparknotes. And in all honesty, as a fan of the sparknotes version I wasn’t disappointed. 

What I did realize watching this movie is that Gatsby really embodies everything that a bro should be. 

  1. He throws the most awesome parties: Let’s just say that any bro or any able bodied person should go to a Gatsby party, with or without an invite. Just for the chance to drink a lot of free booze and rub shoulders with America’s finest assortment of corrupt officials. He might be a bootlegger, but there’s nothing bootleg about his parties. 
  2. He hangs out with the right crowd: Gats-bro definitely knows where it’s at and who to hang out with. He’s not slumming it in some kitty pool on his frat’s front lawn. He’s wrangled an assortment of high class hookers and singers to dance around his awesome pool. He’s got the mayor and the police chief hammered, during a time when alcohol was illegal. I would absolutely subscribe to his instagram. 
  3. His reputation proceeds him: Everybody’s heard of our bro Gatsby, and everyone talks about him — in a good way. He can speed through traffic and a simple flash of a business card gets him off the hook. His stories are legend, and even though some of them might not be true they are all awesome. Gats-bro takes the initiative to perpetuate these stories and has a gaggle of props to convert any non-believer.
  4. He’s a real ladies’ man: SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t already know Gatsby acquired all of this fame and fortune to attract the ladies. And while he does get a little narrow minded focusing on this one society-slut, Daisy, he knows that parties and power can make any woman go weak in the knees. 
  5. He knows how to take one for the team: SPOILER ALERT: In the end Gats-bro does everyone a solid and takes the blame for everything.  He takes a bunch for the team — the murder, the bootlegging, and even a bullet. This guy goes out in the ultimate way. Everyone pussies out and stays in bed to nurse their hangovers instead of going to his funeral, but regardless he died a legend.