The Rock And Kevin Hart Are Hosting The MTV Movie Awards And Want Fans To Write Their Promo Script


You know when awards shows try way too fucking hard to get our attention by having a promo that absolutely sucks or is just flat-out annoying? Yeah, I know you have, because I’ve seen the same exact ones.

Fear not, bros, because The Rock and Kevin Hart—who are co-hosting this year’s MTV Movie Awards on April 10th—aren’t going to have any of that, as they actually want fans to write their promo script for them to make it, you know, fun!

As you can see from The Rock’s Instagram post, the actor/wrestler/entertainer and his comedian partner, Hart, will be soliciting the craziest script idea for their promo shoot, choosing the ones they think will KILL—so put on your creative writing hats, guys.

Sure, there will be regulations so things don’t get too extreme, but, holy shit, this is a fucking genius idea that will surely end up in hilarity.

[Bleacher Report]