‘The Simpsons’ Paid Tribute To Alan Rickman AND David Bowie While Making Fun Of ‘Love Actually’

Last week was, in a word, sad. The world lost two tremendous talents — David Bowie, undisputed king of glam rock, and Alan Rickman, a.k.a. Hans Gruber. Tributes to both have poured in across pop culture. But, eerily, three years ago The Simpsons honored them both in the same 30-second scene. It’s from a 2013 Valentine’s Day-themed episode called “Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing” which makes fun of Love Actually. As you may recall from watching that terrible movie with a girlfriend at one point in your life, Rickman has a staring role in that sap-fest.

The tribute to Bowie in the clip is a little more subtle. Notice during the Hugh Grant make-out in the clip above that Bowie’s All The Young Dudes” is blasting in the background. 

It’s downright eerie how the The Simpsons can predict the future in their own Springfield way.

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