Because Someone Over At Marvel Must Be On Drugs, The Superhero Thor Is Now A Woman


Look, I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I saw Chris Hemsworth wearing that long blonde Thor wig I thought he was a really, really butch looking lesbian. I was quickly corrected after turning to my friend in the theater and asking “What’s with the giant taco fest in this movie,” but I guess someone overheard me and thought it’d be a good idea, so now the superhero Thor is now a woman. .

” In an announcement made on ABC’s The View this morning…Thor, Marvel’s God of Thunder, will henceforth be a woman in the comics. The news is a major shift in Marvel’s continuity, since Thor is one of the oldest superheroes in the Marvel universe. Details are forthcoming…

It’s currently unclear who exactly is filling the role of Thor going forward, as the original character wasn’t gender-swapped.”

Via The Verge

So…is Thor going to be going by Thora now? Or maybe Tiffany, if we’re just limiting ourselves to T-names. If this is only a temporary change because someone else came and picked up Mjolnir (the hammer, come on guys this is basic shit) then that’s one thing, but if this is permanent, then….WHY. Who thought this was necessary? Or even a good idea? THE SERIES IS NAMED AFTER THE MALE CHARACTER’S NAME FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Of course they could just do a Prince and rename the series “The Superhero Formerly Known As Thor,” just so no one gets confused. The only upside to this that I can see is the possibility of having Chris Hemsworth run around with a full face of makeup and a padded bra.

Total bummer that I’m not in charge of directing the movies since if the films got that far they’d probably just recast the character. Not gonna lie, I’d pay double to see a movie with Thor in drag.