This ‘Titanic’ Theory Is Amazing, Completely Possible, And Involves The Terminator

Whoa. Just…whoa. Normally, I pay zero attention to fan theories. Not that I think they’re awful, or a waste of time, but because it feels as though if you watch a movie million of times, you can convince yourself of certain things that just didn’t mean anything. Also because most generally suck.

This Titanic theory, however, floored me because it makes complete sense. I never really thought about Jack’s origin story because the story is really about Rose. Jack is just a player. He might, however, be way more important than anyone ever realized.

Here’s the Titanic theory, posted to Facebook by a guy named Matt and reposted to this Tumblr, is jaw-dropping.

In the name of Billy Zane that does make complete sense!

Retractors are quick to point out that the mistakes in time are just poor screenwriting, but, fuck no to that. Cameron is meticulous about his movies. It took him eighty years to make Avatar — a movie about a world that doesn’t exist — so it’s only natural to think he’d pay dead-on attention to real life events. He, or somebody, would have checked the dates at least once to make sure those places in time actually existed in that moment in time.

Alright, so Matt blows us away one more time, in a comment on his own Facebook post — you can edit your own status, bro — and brings the entire Titanic theory home with this pipe bomb.

Of course, people are going to debunk that — people like this — but let’s just pretend for a moment that Rose is Sarah Connor’s grandmother. Now imagine Jack was a Terminator.

Now get me some new underwear, these are shat in.

[H/T: Cinema Blend]

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