This Title Sequence for ‘Man of Steel’ Isn’t Official, But It Is Pretty, Pretty Sweet

The uploader has only 12 videos to its name. None have more than 1,000 views. (This company responsible did apparently create the ultra-viral Google Zeitgeist clip in 2012, but we're talking about actual things with the uploader's name on it here.) So what do you do? You upload a “title sequence” for the most anticipated movie of the summer, Man of Steel, make sure it's extremely well done, then cover your ass by writing in tiny little print below, “An unofficial title sequence for Man of Steel.” Everyone—like me—will be excited when he sees “Man of Steel – Title Sequence” at the top, then will be briefly angry that he discovers it's not actually the real title sequence, then eventually will give up caring once the whole thing is watched. Because now I'm even more excited for this movie. 'Bout damn time Superman got the moden-day reboot it deserves.

[H/T: Io9]