So Apparently Tom Sizemore Nearly Killed A Dude With His Car On Set Last Night

When referring to Tom Sizemore, I would argue that the phrase “tough day at the office” pretty much rings true for his entire career. The guy’s never not had a toughie. He had a few movies in a row that were actually enjoyable (True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Heat, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan) but the dude has had some fucking lemons (Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor and Pearl Harbor). Honestly, pretty much since Pearl Harbor, his life has been as sturdy as a wet piece of tissue paper. Besides starring in a 15 year span of movies that I don’t even think he saw, he also purposely released a sex tape to get back into the public eye and also went to celebrity rehab after being charged with assault and battery against an ex-girlfriend, a stay which ended with said ex yelling something along the lines of “sleeping with you turns women gay.” So it’s really not a total surprise that Sizemore isn’t too picky about the roles he takes, such an unspecified role in the upcoming TV series based on the Mark Wahlberg movie Shooter.

I guess that looks ok. Whatever. The story here, though, is what Sizemore did on set. Specifically, run a stuntman over with his car.

Via TMZ:

“A stuntman in a new TV show was badly hurt Wednesday after being struck by and pinned under an SUV, which we’re told was being driven by Tom Sizemore … TMZ has learned.

Shooter” was being filmed at Agua Dulce Airport … near Los Angeles, where they were filming a sniper scene. We’re told Tom was supposed to run into the Cadillac SUV and just sit there until the scene ended, but he put the vehicle in reverse, hit the gas, and ran over the stuntman.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … 8 guys on the set tried in vain to lift the car off the stuntman. Someone finally brought in some equipment and they were able to jack the car up and free the man. According to one first responder, the stuntman “is in real bad shape.” He was airlifted to a nearby hospital. His condition is unknown.

Sizemore’s rep tells TMZ the stunt coordinator prompted him to “pull out” once he got in the SUV.  He says 3 cars pulled out at once. Tom, who was driving the SUV with Omar Epps, says he followed instructions, drove off and never saw the stuntman before hearing a “thump.””

Oh Tommy Boy, come on. Despite the name, comebacks involve you going forward, not backwards. Both literally and figuratively. Granted, he was told to pull out, but just because someone tells you to do that, doesn’t mean you don’t look behind you first. What, you think just because someone says “pull out”, you have to immediately do it? How do you think illegitimate children come into the world? Hey, ultimately, maybe this is the kind of boost Sizemore needs to get back on his feet. Nothing says “Time to try and turn your life around for the second time” like running over a stuntman.

[h/t Daily Mail]