Twitter Dug Up Tomi Lahren’s Old Tweets From When She Was At UNLV And Damnnnn She Liked To Party And ‘Pop That P’

Before Tomi Lahren became an internet sensation for her fireball takes that consistently paints the liberal left as a bunch of pansies, she was just another student at UNLV. Before amassing a Facebook following of nearly 4 million or being profiled in The New York Times or going toe-to-toe with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show, the 24-year-old South Dakota native was just trying to twerk, drink, and possibly have sexual intercourse with no strings attached. Come to think of it, Tomi, we have a lot more in common than I originally thought. Give me a call sometime.

On Monday night, Twitter users did a very deep dive into Tomi’s tweets from a few years ago and found some pretty juicy tweets she posted while studying at UNLV. People have begun tweeting at Hot Take Tomi, claiming that the below tweets fly in the face of everything she passionately preaches to millions weekly. Decide for yourself.

Kind felt it move…



Tomi, you should let her borrow your shirt. And then reenact this picture. And then send it to my private email.



Tomi, I never coined you as ‘basic.’ You’re better than this.



Tomi gets lonely too.



I have no idea what this tweet means but I choose to interpret it as sexual.



“Liberals are lazy…”



“You up?”



You’re in Spanish class, Tomi. The point is to not speak English.



People are inevitably going to call over-exaggerate and call Tomi a hypocrite and call for her job and do what the Internet does, but I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t one person reading this who hasn’t had the inescapable urge to, and I quote, pop that p. Let her live.


[h/t Campus Sports]

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