This Graph Of The Top 25 Richest Living Comedians Shockingly Only Has Four ‘SNL’ Alumni On It

Comedy’s not a profession that is typically associated with wealthy people. Only the most elite members of the comedy club ever seem to turn a profit from their labor of love, but based on this chart of the ‘top 25 richest living comedians’ if you are in fact able to burst through the glass ceiling there are ungodly sums of money waiting at the top.

From the same data scientist (Randal Olson) who yesterday brought us the route for the ‘Perfect American Road Trip‘ comes this graph of the ‘Top 25 richest living comedians’. For the most part the list is all faces we know and love (except a few we may not love based on our own preferences), from Jerry Seinfeld at number 1 to Ricky Gervais at 25 it’s all guys we’d expect to make this list of wealthiest living comedians. What is unexpected however is how few ‘Saturday Night Live’ alumnus and alumni made the list. Only four former members of the ‘SNL’ cast cracked the top 25 richest living comedians, and not a single female cast member made the list (which the author of the graph failed to mention):

Some name on there a few of you might not be familiar with:

Byron Allen is a stand-up comic and TV producer who famously launched Entertainment Studios back in 1993, and has produced shows such as ‘Comics Unleashed’ and many others.

Terry Fator was the season 2 winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and is a traveling ventriloquist and stand-up comedian.

Everyone should know Trey Parker and Matt Stone as the creators of ‘South Park’ and the ‘Book of Mormon’ show on Broadway. But given that they’re not particularly public facing it’s not the end of the world if those names didn’t jump off the page for you.

Other than that the names on the list are all ones I’d expect to see. With that said: where the fuck is Eddie Murphy? How is he not in the top 25? He’s made so many shitty movies over the past two decades I always assumed he was doing it because of big, fat paychecks. But he’s not even in the top 25?

And Ellen DeGeneres is the only woman to make the list, how is Tina Fey not on there yet after ’30 Rock’ and her new Netflix show ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’?

These are all questions I need to know the answers to….