Crazy ‘Toy Story’ Fan Theory Explains Who Andy’s Mom Really Is And Possibly Unveils The Plot Of ‘Toy Story 4’

Toy Story Woody

Pixar / YouTube

We’re still about two years away from Toy Story 4 hitting theaters but one fan might have just uncovered the plot of the film while simultaneously discovering the genuine identity of Andy’s mother, a mostly innocuous and forgettable character in the series thus far.

This theory comes from a man named Jon Negroni who runs a film review website of the same name. The entire theory hinges around the details of Andy’s cowboy hat, and the theory goes on to suggest that Andy’s mother is Emily, Jessie’s first owner. Here’s Jon Negroni’s explanation:

As you can see, Andy’s hat is noticeably different from Woody’s. Why is this? Why wouldn’t Andy want to wear a hat that closely resembles the one worn by his favorite toy?
Remember that Woody doesn’t even recall that he is a collector’s item – a toy made in the 1950s. This is a deviation from other toys who know full well where they come from. It’s possible that Woody doesn’t know because he’s been in Andy’s family for a long time, possibly belonging to his father.
But we need more evidence. Take a close look at Jessie’s hat:
Ah, this hat looks familiar. It’s the same red hat with white lace that Andy wears. The only difference is that Jessie’s hat has a white lace around the center. But look at Andy’s hat again.
There’s a faded mark where the white lace should be. Why do you think that is? And what does Jessie have to do with this?

Now, take a close look at what’s on this bed in Emily’s room:
That is a hat that looks extremely similar to, you guessed it, Andy’s. The room is also pretty old-fashioned, leaving room for this to take place years before Andy was born.

Aaaaand there it is. Jessie was destined to one day belong to her owner’s son, and with Andy heading off to college in Toy Story 3 I think we can assume that now is the perfect time for Andy’s mom to appear in the plot of Toy Story 4 (2018) and reunite with her favorite toy(s).

It’s almost as if Pixar has made Andy’s mother intentionally forgettable up until this moment all because they’re setting up this massive finale reveal, and Jon Negroni just deflated any suspense they were building by dropping this theory on us ahead of time…What do you bros think? Is this legit?

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