Britney Spears Is Getting Her Own Lifetime Movie And The Trailer Is Equal Parts Sexy And Insane, Just Like Britney

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Unless you’re a woman between the age of 28-35 you might be shocked to learn that Britney Spears is 1) still alive and 2) performs regularly in Las Vegas. She fell out of the limelight years ago after having a mental breakdown and being temporarily institutionalized for psychiatric issues.

If we were a more considerate society we would’ve let the once ‘Queen of Pop’ live out her days as a mother without drudging up the old skeletons in her closet, but unfortunately for Britney we’re assholes. When she was having a *very* public meltdown and shaved her head the public was fascinated. You can almost pinpoint Britney’s unraveling as the moment a shift occurred in celebrity entertainment coverage by mainstream media outlets. After Britney’s insanity played out in public media outlets like TMZ started focusing heavily on other celebrities going through equally bizarre meltdowns (Lindsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, etc).

Last night 💖💖💖 #PieceOfMe

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Highlights from last night! Ready for another show #PieceOfMe

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So it’s not at all surprising that the Lifetime network is packing up Britney Spears’ mental baggage and putting it on display for the world to see in a made-for-TV movie. They’ll get insane ratings on this project, and it’ll make that ‘behind the scenesSaved By The Bell film look like child’s play. But do we really fucking care at all about Britney Spears’ mental issues when we’ve already had to watch it unfold in the public once before? No. I really don’t give one flying fuck about this. But I’m also not the demographic of viewer that Lifetime is targeting with this project.

This, this right here is what the public still *mostly* cares about when it comes to Britney Spears:

New outfit, classic song 💫 See you tonight!! #PieceOfMe

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