The Trailer for ‘Spring Breakers’ Is Here, and It’s a Bikini-Filled Spectacular

Why am I giving you a lecture on an obscure director? Because Korine is also responsible for “Spring Breakers,” which stars Disney Channel alums Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, and which looks to be very, very different from what we originally thought when we first saw the photos of the stars in bikinis last year. Think more of a gritty narco-thriller deservedly making the rounds at movie festivals, with James Franco making an inspired turn as a rapper and real-life rapper Gucci Mane costarring as a gangster (“Ya'll wanna die tonight?”), and less of the bubblegum film you'd expect from two Disney Channel alums starring in a Spring Break movie.

Honestly, this looks batshit crazy and really, really fun. We're pumped for this to come out.