Here’s the Spine-Tingling Trailer for Season Two of ‘House of Cards’

“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties,” Underwood says in season two's brand-new trailer, breaking the fourth wall and, once again, sounding like the world's most deranged motivational speaker. But he makes a succinct point. When we last left Francis and his equally cold-blooded wife Claire, the senator had left no back unstabbed in his rise to the vice presidency, including an orchestration of the murder of Peter Russo. Those actions have consequences, though, and as Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) begins to suspect that Underwood is capable of incredible evil, Underwood's grip, it seems, on power is in danger of loosening.

Zoe also makes out with a girl in the trailer, which is pretty cool. 

After four Golden Globe nominations, including nods for Best Show, Actor, and Actress, Netflix is upping the ante. The trailer is intense. And while you'll have no real clue what the hints at future story arcs mean, you'll be excited.

Every episode drops on Feb. 14. Valentine's Day! That's amazing. Is there a better date than 10 a.m. ribs at Freddy's and 13 straight hours of Francis?