Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’s Outtakes From Donald Trump’s Inauguration Are Offensively Hilarious

It has almost been two weeks since Donald Trump‘s Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. drew in crowds that we’re still debating about today. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was at the inauguration to speak with supporters and mingle in the crowd. I posted the first clip back on the 24th when it was first released on Conan, and I have to say that everyone in the inauguration crowd handled Triumph really well.

It shouldn’t be shocking to see that a bunch of people in the outtakes weren’t pleased with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s DJT jokes. It’s hard to find an offensive puppet dog hilarious when you don’t even own a television. But it was also refreshing to see Triumph laugh off the dicks in the crowd, including the lady that took his cigar and ripped it up into pieces. Triumph handled that woman destroying his iconic cigar with aplomb, while she came off as a shitty person. She went low and he went high…Do I need to mention again that he’s a rubber puppet dog? No? Okay.