Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Keeps Pooping On Soccer in Hilarious Fashion

by 5 years ago


The man with his hand up Triumph the Insult Dog’s ass took the puppet into Manhattan for part two of his anti-soccer tour.

It seems this dog’s reign of terror is just beginning.

This time, the soccer neophyte hung out with fans of Italy and England, neither of which came anywhere close to their goals. He got them to do all kinds of stupid stuff. Stupid stuff heals all wounds.

Then it was off to a Japan watch party, which resembled a library study session and a bananas Ivory Coast get-together.

Definitely a full day.

Triumph is providing a valuable lesson to anyone not interested in the World Cup. It’s not enough to not watch the event. You must actively try to ruin it for everyone who is interested because, for some reason, it will improve your life.

Or so I’ve heard.

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