Stop, Collaborate And Get Arrested: Vanilla Ice Arrested For Burglary And Grand Theft

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Brandon Wenerd/

Have you wondered what one-hit wonder/Go Ninja Go Ninja GO! singer Vanilla Ice is up to these days? Well when he’s not on VH1’s “Where Are They Now?” or hosting his DIY Network home renovation show, he’s knocking off neighboring properties in Florida. Via NBC Miami:

Robert Van Winkle, 47,  is facing burglary and grand theft charges  related to a burglary that happened sometime between December 2014 and February, Lantana Police said.

According to police, the burglary happened at a home in the 100 block of N. Atlantic Drive. Numerous furniture items, a pool heater, bicycles and other items were taken, police said.

The home was in the process of foreclosure, and Van Winkle was renovating the residence next to the property, police said.

During the investigation, police determined Van Winkle played a role. A search warrant turned up the stolen items at a residence under the care and control of Van Winkle, police said.

Van Winkle voluntarily met with detectives to provide a sworn statement and he was taken into custody.

First Dustin Diamond, now Vanilla Ice. What’s happening to all my favorite C-list celebs? As Live for Live Music has noted, Vanilla Ice basically doing the same thing he did to Queen’s “Under Pressure” bass line for his greatest hit, except now it’s furniture and pool heaters. Desperate times, man.