Video Games Are Good For Your Brain But Only If You’re Playing These Types

In the video above, Trace Dominguez of Discovery News discusses our brain in relation to the hours of gaming the average human does in a day. The video breaks video games down into three big categories: action, puzzle, and strategy.

Now, if you had to venture a guess, you’d probably say puzzle and strategy games are the best for the brain. Maybe not. While they do have some benefits, Dominguez focuses on the plus side of play action games, like first-person shooters, and explain how they’re probably not rotting young minds as much as the media — and our moms — would like us to believe.

Here’s more from Refinery29:

The inherent violence in most action video games has made this the most controversial genre, and therefore the most difficult to defend. But, citing research from the University of Geneva, Dominguez makes a convincing case for games like Call of Duty and Halo; their open-world layout and reliance on teamwork ultimately increase players’ ability to multitask while processing a constant influx of visual and audible information.

So play on, playas. Shooting fictional people in the face is good for your mind.

[via Refinery29]