Watch ‘The Price Is Right’ Announcer Demonstrate How To Kill Yourself On A Treadmill

The Price is Right


‘The Price Is Right’ is an American institution, it’s as American as apple pie and that’s that. Therefore I assume, like myself, you all DVR the show each day and watch it when you get home from where. Furthermore, given that you watch TPIR daily I’m going to assume that you’re all familiar with George Gray, the announcer for TPIR who took over in 2011.

Well, it appears ‘ol George got a little cocksure in his treadmills skill, and while on camera he managed to serve up a blooper for the ages.

Rule #1: Don’t run backwards on a treadmill.
Rule #2: Don’t run backwards on a treadmill if you’re on TV.
Rule #3: Don’t run backwards on a treadmill if you’re on TV and you want to live.

But here we are, with George Gray teaching everyone how to kill himself on a treadmill. Tip of the hat to KFC @ BarstoolSports for finding and sharing these clips:


RIP George Gray’s ego.


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