Watch ‘The Interview’ RIGHT NOW On YouTube!

You want to impose on our freedoms by threatening attacks on movie theaters that show The Interview? Well Sony just said, “Fuck you.” Put this in your hacker pipe and smoke it; Sony will release The Interview online!

As of 1 p.m. EST the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie will be available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox Video. You can also see it on Sony’s own site,, unless that has been hacked. Variety is reporting that Netflix is in talks to stream The Interview as well.

It will cost $5.99 to rent or $14.99 to own.

NBC News has press release by Sony.


This is a total reverse of policy after Sony yanked the movie from theaters for it’s Christmas Day release. The company changed their minds yesterday and decided a limited theater release.

This is a fantastic resolution to the hotly contested topic of censorship of the movie. Everyone should be very pleased, except for the dubious hackers who attempted to wipe all existence of the comedy. They just got smashed.