Wesley Snipes Just Came Off The Top Rope And Put This Twitter Troll In A Body Bag With Perfect Burn

by 10 months ago

It would appear that Wesley Snipes isn’t laughing at your broke and tired ‘he didn’t pay his taxes’ jokes anymore. It also seems as if Wesley Snipes has emerged from his chrysalis and is flapping his wings on Twitter because he just dropped one of the better burns I’ve seen in 2017.

I just finished writing up this story about how the Oakland Athletics put Wendy’s into a coma yesterday on Twitter with a phenomenal burn, then I blink and this story about Wesley Snipes falls into my lap after a friend texted it to me.

Someone tried to come at Blade himself with a ‘hahahaha, he didn’t even pay his taxes’ joke and ended up getting wrapped up, cut into pieces, and sold as fresh meat to the highest bidder. Wesley came back with a solid R.Kelly burn that managed to both compliment R.Kelly and destroy the Twitter troll’s soul:

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