Wet Bandit Marv Responds To Threatening Kevin McCallister Video That Macaulay Culkin Made

A week ago, Macaulay Culkin starred in a new web series titled DRYVRS that showed what happened to poor Kevin McCallister after two burglars attempted to break into his house in Home Alone (The video above). It seems that Kevin being left home alone on not one, but on TWO occasions has inflicted quite a bit of psychological issues. Now one of the criminal masterminds has responded to Kevin’s threatening video.

Daniel Stern reprises his role as the bumbling robber Marv in a new YouTube video. Stern goes dark with his 1990s character, as he is scared shitless and panic-stricken. In the YouTube video, Marv is begging for his Wet Bandit partner, Harry, (Joe Pesci) to come and save him.

“Come find me Harry, I’m scared. The kid is back – I saw it, I saw it on the Internet. The kid is coming to get us! I saw him, he’s coming for all the home invaders and he’s gonna come and get us! He’s coming back, I saw it – he’s got blood, he was killing, stabbing or something! Please, Harry come find me! He’s gonna get us – nobody believed us about the stupid kid! He hit me in the head with a brick, an iron… he electrocuted me for god’s sake! He turned me inside out, now he’s coming back to get us! Please Harry, I’m home alone and I’m scared! Please!”

Stern shared the video on Reddit during his AMA.

Stern also shared some behind-the-scene stories from Home Alone on his Facebook.

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