Macaulay Culkin Shows What A Foul-Mouthed Kevin From ‘Home Alone’ Is Doing 25 Years Later

We already saw a little bit of what the Home Alone cast has been up to 25 years later awhile back, but what about the characters?

In particular, what ever happened to poor Kevin McCallister? Surely his being left home alone for a week with two criminals trying to break into his house left a scar that might never heal, right?

Turns out that week alone did even more psychological damage to Kevin than we realized.

Watch this new Web series called DRYVRS and you’ll see just how much it negatively affected poor Kevin. Fair warning though: Kevin’s got a real potty mouth now that he’s all grown up.

“How about this?” says Kevin to his passenger in the car, “It’s Christmas-time, it’s fucking Christmas, and your whole family, right, goes on vacation… whole family, and they forget their 8-year-old fucking son… their 8-year-old son, all by yourself in the house for a week.”