Supercut Of ‘If Movies Ended When Someone Said The Title’ Shouldn’t Be This Good, But I’m Still Laughing

When I saw this video making the rounds across the Internet (all over Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) I didn’t bother clicking. The title just didn’t do it for me and I assumed that there was no way a video titled ‘If Movies Ended When Someone Said the Title’ was going to actually be good. I reckoned that it’d just be clips of someone saying the movie title and then onto the next one, without any x-factor to boot. It took a buddy of mine texting me this and me clicking it not knowing what it was before I got around to watching it, and I’m glad I did.

I was wrong, this video’s pretty perfect. Without giving away too much it’s the musical segues between clips that make this video what it is:

And honestly I was hesitant to even put this video up on BroBible, because there’s no effective way to communicate in a headline why this video’s so good. How do I explain ‘Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park make this clip about movies fucking awesome’…That’s just not something that’s easily expressed in a headline, is it?

I guess this clip is so great because it reminds me of the Willzyx episode of South Park where the boys shot the killer whale up to the moon using a Mexican rocket. Then unlike every episode of South Park in history where they replay the show’s theme song during the credits they switched gears and just showed the dead whale on the moon and played the credits in complete silence. It was the cherry on top of a perfect episode. The abrupt segue is something I must appreciate more than I ever knew. Now let’s talk about how great FSU’s recruiting class was on 2016 National Signing Day was, shall we?

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