Wiz Khalifa Making Tributes To Pablo Escobar Angered Colombians

In the past few years, infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has seen an increase of notoriety after the hit Netflix show Narcos has aired and been successful. However, Colombians are still very sensitive about the notorious drug lord since his powerful Medellin Cartel murdered thousands in the South American country. So when Wiz Khalifa paid tributes to one of the most ruthless and violent criminals of all-time, Colombians were angry.

On Friday, Khalifa performed a concert in Medellin, Escobar’s hometown, then spent the weekend in the Colombian city. On Sunday, the rapper visited Escobar’s gravesite, which had flowers and a marijuana joint, He shared photos on his social media accounts.

Khalifa quickly deleted the photo after he received several livid messages from Colombians, who found the tribute insensitive since Escobar terrorized the country during the 1980s and 1990s.

Wiz also posted a photo of him smoking weed at the cemetery in Itagüí, where Escobar is buried alongside his family.


Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez called Khalifa a “scoundrel.” Gutierrez also said Khalifa should apologize for “advocating crime” and brought flowers to the victims of violence in the city.

“It shows that this guy has never had to suffer from the violence inflicted by these drug traffickers,” Gutierrez said.

There were many Colombians who voiced their outrage on social media over Khalifa’s apparent tribute.

In his heyday, Escobar was thought to be one of the top 10 richest people in the world and controlled more than 80% of the cocaine shipments to the United States. Pablo was killed in 1993 and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of as many as 4,000 people.