Wiz Khalifa Is Releasing A Mobile Marijuana Farming Video Game On 4/20

Wiz Khalifa: Rapper, father, Pittsburghian, unashamed pothead, horticulturist, video game developer. Wiz just collaborated on a new smartphone video game with his record label, Warner Music. It’s called Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm and it’s a throwback to the days of playing Farmville on Facebook, just all about growing that kind bud stash.

“The game strives to create an authentic experience, capturing the state of the marijuana industry by seizing opportunities in entrepreneurial fashion, reinvesting into business, and compounding returns. In subsequent releases, the player will be able to expand their operations across the U.S. and eventually the entire world as weed is legalized within the game.”

Sims: Marijuana Empire. You’re growing and cultivating Wiz’s own digital stash! Here’s a very Wiz quote from the press release:

It’s a fun game and I play it all the time.

[It is] better than Pokémon!

The rapper is kicking the game off with a contest that involves winners flying out to Colorado to smoke kush with Wiz himself. Other stops with Wiz include a visit to the Khalifa Kush dispensary.

Like everyone else in the world, the dude loves smoking up and playing video games.