Zedd Called Diplo A ‘Jealous Little Bitch’ In A Twitter Fight Over A Stupid M&M’s Commercial

Twitter fights are all fun and dandy when they begin organically, but when you’re scouring the web looking for fights to pick they just come off as stupid and immature. Take Diplo versus Zedd, for instance.

Diplo apparently saw Zedd’s new M&M’s commercial, and while yes, the whole ad is almost as cringe-worthy as Zedd and Selena Gomez’s fake relationship last year, did Diplo really have to stick his nose in it?

I too am wondering if the Candyman can just shut up, however Zedd didn’t take Diplo’s critique too lightly:

SO sour. So so so SO sour.

The following tweets have been deleted, however Idolator managed to screenshot them beforehand:

But it doesn’t end there, because here comes good ol’ Deadmau5 to stick his nose someplace it’s neither invited nor belongs:

Then just for shits and kicks, ~30 minutes later DJ Snake and Diplo teamed up against Calvin Harris to say…

Such wordsmiths.

And to think, this all started because Diplo got particularly hyped watching a candy commercial.

[H/T Idolator]