Benicio del Toro Defines The Word Badass In The ‘Sicario’ Trailer

by 4 years ago


There has been a lot of griping over the past few weeks about the movie industry getting lazy as all hell by just releasing sequels or reboots from former flicks. And whether you’re one who takes their frustration out about all that or not, one movie we can agree is not your ordinary flick is Sicario, which stars Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin.

Telling the story of a Mexican mafia—which, I swear, has to be a real thing—Sicario is about hitmen who try and keep the Drug War in check, with del Toro starring as the go-to killer, portrayed a being ruthless as all fuck.

As psychotic as the actor looked as the character Lado in Savages a few years ago, which, ironically enough, was also about a Drug War, he seems a bit more stealthly badass in Sicario—yet still offering that chilling feeling only he can when on-screen.

With the likes of Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin playing the FBI to undercover all the thrilling action that’s taking place, you know this one is going to be an intense joyride for sure.

Set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival from September 10-20, the film hits U.S. soil on September 18th, so get yourself ready for some badass Drug War shit, bros.

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