10 Artists You NEED To See At Baltimore’s Moonrise Festival This Year

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We’re less than one month away from Moonrise Festival and you know what that means: it’s time to get aboard the hype train: “CHOO-CHOO motherfuckers, CHOO-FUCKIN’-CHOO” says the hype train. Come August 8th and 9th we’ve got the likes of Above & Beyond, Dillon Francis and even Knife Party bringing EDM to Baltimore like you’ve never seen before, so in order to properly prepare for Moonrise (read: buy a one-way ticket aboard the hype mobile) we’ve got 10 artists who you NEED to see at Moonrise this year.

Oh, and in case you just realized “Hurr durr wait I 4got 2 buy mi tikket oopsie,” you can click HERE to buy tickets to Moonrise. Or here. Or HERE! Or even….here.

1. Thomas Jack

Hailing all the way from Bemboka, Australia, Thomas Jack is only 20 years old and yet already a huge name within the tropical house genre. With sets bursting to the brim full of saxophone melodies that’ll leave you yearning for a sun-soaked day at the beach, Thomas Jack is an up-and-coming artist on the verge of mainstream popularity akin to Kygo.

2. Kayliox

Future house future house future house future house…need we say more?

3. TJR

Allow us to quote one of our staff members who saw TJR at last year’s Moonrise Festival:

“Dude, have you heard of TJR? He was sick. Insane. Like I’d never heard of him but everyone was at his set and it was NUTS. I got pushed over, shoved into mud and I didn’t give a shit because it was the sickest set of my life.”


LOUDPVCK throws down some of the most ridiculously filthy, catchy beats out there that’ll have you head bangin’ along with everyone else in the crowd.

5. Zeds Dead

The complete opposite of Thomas Jack, but you should already know that – call them dubstep, call them drumstep, and even feel so bold to call them electro house or whatever the hell you want, just make sure going into Zeds Dead’s set that you’re ready for an absolutely wild crowd that’s 100% down to get dirty…until “Eyes On Fire” comes on, that is.

6. 3LAU

This lineup’s erred a little on the aggressive side (minus Thomas Jack) so far, hasn’t it? Don’t worry, just let 3LAU’s melodic take on EDM calm you down a bit before we keep going.

7. Porter Robinson

One of America’s most prominent electronic producers, Porter Robinson was named 7th on Billboard’s “21 Under 21” list and 5th in DJ Times’ 2013 ranking for America’s Best DJ. At only 22 years old Porter Robinson’s unique musical style has repeatedly been referred to as “EDM avant garde” due to his use of MIDI controllers as well as singing during his performances.

8. Bassnectar

With his new album being decried “The Best Album Of The Year,” it’s obvious why Bassnectar isn’t one to miss during this year’s Moonrise Festival.

9. Ookay

Did you listen to the set from EDC Las Vegas above? No? Well stop dickin’ around and get to it then! By the time you’re 5 minutes in you’ll know why Ookay is on this list.

10. What So Not

Although the duo What So Not has recently become a solo act due to Flume’s departure from the group, that doesn’t mean that Emoh Instead (the other half of What So Not) can’t kill it as a solo act. Upon Flume’s departure he described the job Emoh’s done with WSN by himself as “amazing” and that he has full confidence in Emoh’s ability to “continue to slay it.” In other words, “What So Not is about to wreck shit at Moonrise. Go see him. Now.”

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