The 10 Best Lonely Island Songs Ever

The Lonely Island has been around for over a decade, but they've only occupied this weird “mocking/celebrating hip-hop” phase since “Lazy Sunday” in 2005. They've accomplished a lot since the viral success of the Chronic…les of Narnia, though, including the release of two shockingly successful albums, Incredibad and Turtleneck & Chain, and a slew of other SNL digital shorts. And why would they exist if I didn't get to rank them?

The below list is infallible.

10. “Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions”

If you want more Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond, I highly recommend clicking on this link

9. “Shy Ronnie”

Extra points for Rihanna's slutty gangster suit.

8. “Like a Boss”

I actually know a guy who listens to this and Jay-Z's “Public Service Announcement” to get hyped up before work. I don't think he really listens to the lyrics.

7. “I Just Had Sex”

This feels a little low. I think I detracted points because it seemed like they were trying too hard to make a conventional pop song. Weirder is better.

6. “YOLO”

The most recent jam. Kendrick Lamar becomes yet another “it” guy eager to hop on the track.

5. “Motherlover”

Did it reach the heights of its Timberlake-Samberg predecessor? The fucking Big Bang couldn't. “Motherlover” is still hilarious.

4. “I'm on a Boat”

When was the last time a “funny” song played this much at clubs? The NSYNC days?

3. “Great Day”

I don't know why, but I've probably watched this more times than anything else on the list. For a video that contains one legitimately jump out-of-your-seat scare (1:23 mark), “Great Day” hilariously does in two minutes what every hard-drug movie can't: Perfectly encapsulate a middle-aged guy losing it on coke. 

2. “Jizz in My Pants”

Four years ago, you literally couldn't walk into a dorm room without hearing this quoted at length. (Also, Meadow Soprano! Still a goddess.)

1. “Dick in a Box”

This only came about because Lorne Michaels wanted Samberg to write something that would showcase Justin Timberlake's singing abilities. Can you imagine his expression when he saw what the crew came back with? 16 bleeps. And an all-time, Boyz-2-Men worthy classic.