3 Doors Down Singer Stops Concert To Gross Out Guy For Hitting A Woman, Has Security Kick Him Out

It goes without saying that it’s NEVER okay for a man to lay a hand on a woman. When 3 Doors Down lead singer Brad Arnold witnessed a man do so at a concert in Colorado on Thursday night, he immediately brought the show to a halt and proceeded to gross out the guy for his inexplicable actions.

3 Doors Down guitarist, Chris Henderson, posted the video of the incident to YouTube, adding that it’s “Just another reason I’m proud to be in this band!!”

On top of being called-out for being an utter asshole, it seems the fan was also removed from the concert before 3 Doors Down resumed the show. The guy is really lucky he didn’t get his face punched in by other concertgoers too, that’s for sure.

[via WPXI]