50 Cent Calls Rick Ross Gay, Ross Says He’s Irrelevant

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Over the weekend, 50 Cent uploaded the above image of Diddy, Steve Stoute, and Rick Ross onto his Instagram with the caption, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right.” He almost immediately deleted the picture—thank you, panicked phone calls from publicists—but the damage had been done. “The damage had been done,” by the way, is what you say when TMZ writes about you.

Ross, whose album Mastermind dropped this week, was asked about the incident in an interview with Chicago’s WGCI on Tuesday. He kept his comments short and to the point.

“I feel like this culture is a stadium and if we was in the stadium, I point up at the scoreboard. We Winning. We winning. I ain’t got time for that. We winning.”

Ross is of course right. He’s also probably right in not even bothering todiss the “irrelevant” Fiddy. “We’re told Rick plans to let it slide … he wants to focus on making hit records … and not on a childish beef with an old enemy,” TMZ reported.

Ah, “irrelevance,” the most painful burn of all. And it rings doubly true when your music isn’t the only thing stuck in 2004: your homophobic insults are too.

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