WATCH: Action Bronson Has A HILARIOUS Story About Smoking Marijuana With Riff Raff

A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to sit down with rap’s chef, Action Bronson, to discuss two of his favorite topics: Food and marijuana. Last week we published our first video interview with the Queens-born rapper. If you missed it, Bronson talks at length about pizza, the joys of cooking while stoned, and what his favorite munchie foods are.

For Part II of our interview with Action Bronson, we asked him questions exclusively about smoking up.

His favorite place to light up? “Hawaii… In the middle of the Pacific open. On hardened lava.”

His weed playlist? “A lot of Carlos Santana. A lot of psychedelic turkish music. A lot of ’70s prog rock.”

Which city has the best weed? “Los Angeles, I guess.”

The best part of the interview, however, comes at the end when he tells a story about what it’s like to smoke with the Neon Versace Python himself, Riff Raff.

“He acts like an extra weirdo…”

Just watch. Smoking ganj with both these mad men belongs high at the top of every Bro’s bucket list.

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