‘Cooking Is An Incredible Thing To Do When You’re High’ — Action Bronson Talks About His Favorite Foods To Cook When He Smokes Weed

Once upon a time, Action Bronson was an acclaimed gourmet chef in fancy New York City restaurants. Now he’s “Mr. Wonderful” and one of the most beloved rappers in the game. Born and raised in Flushing, Queens, Bronson knows A LOT about food, cooking, marijuana, rap, and life in general.

Bronson dropped “Mr. Wonderful” in March and recently announced a massive international tour. We recently had an opportunity to hang with Mr. Wonderful and discuss all sorts of topics. At the end of the day, the conversation mostly came back to two of our favorite subjects: food and weed. The first video is Bronson waxing philosophic on his favorite foods. Specifically, what kind of food he likes when smoking up. His wisdom is immortal:

“You just gotta do what the weed wants you to do…”

Preach, Mr. Wonderful. Preach. Watch the interview above and SUBSCRIBE to the BroBible YouTube channel…. 

Shout out to EJ Blair for conducting + filming the interviews. If you’re a musichead, follow EJ on Twitter….