Action Bronson’s ‘Actin Crazy’ Music Video Is Basically An Acid Trip

Action Bronson continues to mix it up as he prepares to drop his debut album next month. Earlier this week, the Queens rapper and personality from The Munchies YouTube channel recreated the Boogie Nights “Give Us The Tapes” scene as a teaser video for his forthcoming Mr. Wonderful album. But Action Bronson deserves the recent attention because his singles like “Actin Crazy” are FIRE.  The second single off Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson dropped the “Actin Crazy” music video where he presents himself as a hip-hop loving, pot-smoking super-human being.

Check out Action Bronson’s music video for “Actin Crazy” and stay tuned for BroBible’s exclusive Mr. Wonderful interview dropping March 24th.