Anders From ‘Workaholics’ Just Released A Jock Jams-Esque Dance Album And It’s Not The Worst

Anders’ character in Workaholics has consistently expressed his deep connection with hip hop and his lifelong dream of becoming a respected rap artist. Viewers chalked this up to a funny theme in the show, considering Anders’ looks like he was born with a sweater tied over his shoulders.

But it turns out Anders wasn’t fucking around. The Chicago native recently recorded and released a new dance-rap EP called You Can’t Run from the Rhythm with Chicago alt-hip hop artist Serengeti. The duo, who coined themselves Perfecto, pumps out 90’s-esque house songs peppered with a dose of hip hop.

A press release described the project, per Pitchfork:

Don’t be afraid of the rhythm. Lose yourself to the power of Perfecto. Just feel the groove, close your eyes, and shake your hips. It’s a dance revolution. Perfecto: attacking the mic like the funky spawn of Snap, C&C Music Factory, and Technotronic. Not even Ya Kid K could ever get this low.

Could Anders be the next big thing is music? No, no he cannot. But I’ll fucks with this song.

[h/t Uproxx]

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