Artist Uses Jay-Z, Nas, and Other Rap Lyrics to Map Out NYC in Awesome Way

Nope. This is actually your hip-hop subconscious talking to you.

Rappers are notorious for including shoutouts to their boroughs and neighborhoods in their songs—and, to give their stories that extra layer of detail, they'll often also drop references to specific New York cross-streets and corners. It helps set the mood, putting you in their shoes, for their tales of shit you'll probably never actually do.

Big news! If you're in NYC, you can now see signs on the corners where where famous MCs thought up the famous rhymes. Street artist Jay Shells recently went all over New York, sticking mainly to Queens, upper Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and placed street signs on corners that have been mentioned in songs by Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Big L, and other MCs. The result is AWESOME. The signs look like bizarro-world historical markers, and I hope they stay on these corners permanently. A few highlights:

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