Bart B More delivers the stellar ‘The Napoleon Saga’ EP on OWSLA Records

Kicking it off in pure Bart B More style, ‘Napoleon‘ boasts some entrancing high synths, heavy snare drums, and even some warped vocoder vocals. The end result is a tune of epic proportions that embraces Bart’s heavily Dutch influenced productions. But for the second track, ‘Saga‘, Bart switches up his approach as he bombards us with a medley of varied, intense sounds. The mashup of these sounds culminates in one of the heaviest drumlines I’ve heard in a dance tune. The almost tribal drums mixed with the glitchy effects put Bart in a league of his own with a sound that’s not only unique in musical stylings but high quality in sound as well.

Make sure to pick this one up via Beatport!

BONUS: Bart put together an exclusive hour-long mix to promote the release of the EP onOWSLA, and he have it as a FREE download for you below. All you have to do is pay with a simple free Tweet!

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