This ‘Beck vs. Kanye West’ Mashup Of ‘Loser’ Is The Nail In Yeezy’s Coffin

In the 48 hours since Kanye West left the Grammy’s stage after a near-outburst only to later defecate all over Beck‘s artistic prowess, the public has brandished their pitchforks and are calling for Kanye’s blood.

Kanye West fans would have anyone labeled a ‘hater’ who speaks out against Kanye. But, ignoring the fact that the Grammy’s stage is NOT the place to make any sort of statement/nor steal another artist’s biggest moment in the limelight, Kanye attempted to publicly shame the Grammy’s voters (a group of his peers), he also tried to dump all over Beck, an artist who plays something like 15 instruments and has been making incredible music for several decades. Which is basically like me, a lowly blogger trying to shit all over Ernest Hemingway.

Yes, Kanye has finally lost all credibility as a ‘serious’ artist and is now nothing more than a ‘look at me, look at me’ Hollywood icon. And as the masses begin baking the layers of the ‘Kanye Cake of Shame’ we’re going to see an incredible run of content in the coming days illuminating just how Kanye set fire to his last shred of credibility.

First up is this mashup from DJ Steve Porter, mixing Kanye’s misplaced verbal diarrhea with Beck’s ‘Loser’, and it’s glorious:

For now I suggest anyone not in the game of making content just sit back, relax, and watch as over the next few days the Internet completely eviscerates Kanye and he’s forced to do something rash (like punching a nun) in order to make headlines that don’t attack his artistic integrity…..Because dis gonna be good: