Britney Spears busted lip-synching again, only this time it was MUCH worse

britney spears lip synch sia

Britney Spears has been catching a lot of heat for lip-synching during her shows in Vegas, but this time she got busted lip-synching a song that wasn’t even HER OWN VOICE.

Reports Radar

During a video of Saturday night’s performance at Planet Hollywood, the 32-year-old pop star struts around and holds her microphone, seemingly singing sweet ballad “Perfume” — but Sia’s voice is booming through the theater, according to many fans online!

Oops… she did it again.

The comments were of course, priceless…

“LMAO. Let me post this EVERYWHERE!!!!!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Beautiful Voice for Sia.”

“Shit, hahaha no es britney, es Sia…hahaha.”

“LOL, is Sia gonna get any money from Britney’s residency. By the way, people who still think Britney can sing are dilusional.”

and finally one which truly sums this epic Fail up the best…

“Oh f-ck.”

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Oops, Did She Do It Again? Fans Claim Britney Spears Caught Lip-Syncing During ‘Piece Of Me’ Show— To Singer Sia’s Track! [Radar]

Britney Spears image by Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock

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