‘Do You Want To Build A Snow Dick?’ Just Became My Third Favorite Christmas Song

Few things, gang.

First, this isn’t technically as Christmas song, it’s a Frozen parody. But, since I have no plans to ever watch that movie, and since Christmas and snow are cousins, I have decided it’s a fine song to listen to during the Christmas season. It’s festive like that.

Second, I know you’re saying to yourself, “Gee, if this is number three then what are his top two favorite Christmas songs?” I’ll tell you. The first, because I have a weird affinity for Pearl Jam (and sadness), is their song “Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time).” The second, because I’ve lost all self-respect since turning 30 (and had very little to begin with), is Kelly Clarkson’s banger “Underneath the Tree.” Fuck my life…

Now who wants to forget about life for a while and build a snow dick?