You Can Now Bump Your Spotify Playlists In An Uber



It’s Saturday night and you’re going out. You’ve been pre-gaming to Andrew W.K. bangers on your Spotify playlist all night at your apartment. Now you’re ready to hit the bar/club/party and, since this is 2014, you put in a request for an Uber to get there. But the Uber driver doesn’t have an adapter you can plug your phone into to keep the jams bumping on the way to the party, which is *kinda* a buzzkill. Boo.

In a true tech melding of worlds, Uber and Spotify have come together for a pretty snazzy partnership. The idea is “your ride, your music,” which means you can annoy the fuck out of your Uber driver with sing-a-longs to Ruff Ryder’s Anthem on the way to your party. Spotify will be integrated into some Uber cars, so all Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android can crank their tunes from the back seat. It starts rolling out on this Friday, Nov. 21 in 10 launch cities before a global roll out over the next few weeks.

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