Guy Waves The Confederate Flag At Electric Forest, Gets Punched In The Face



Ugh. For some reason Electric Forest has become a music festival teeming with trolls. Stupid, annoying trolls. This story comes from Thump recounts how a guy waved a Confederate flag like an asshole before getting cold clocked in the face by a pissed off festival attendee. Via:

An hour before the gates to the Forest in Rothbury, Michigan officially opened for the thousands of feverish festie campers, there was one young man who didn’t seem to understand the positive vibe of this storied event. Apparently without a ounce of dignity, he proudly waved a Confederate flag totem amid a crowd of peace-loving Foresters.

While it’s hard to imagine no one reacted brashly to his choice of festival gear before he left the house, it didn’t take long before a fellow camper confronted him. Moments before posing for this photo, the flag-holder took a punch to the face from another festivalgoer, leaving him bloodied, though undeterred, grinning and muttering the words “was born trill.” (Note that the man’s shirt says “Wookarusa,” a reference to festival wookies.)

Sounds like there’s plenty of PLUR going around at Rothbury this weekend… *eyeroll*



Before this turns into a screaming match of opinions, it’s important to emphasize that one is really in the right here. The douche who brought the flag thought he was so fucking clever and probably deserved to be punched. BUT, violence isn’t cool. Turn the other cheek. Take the higher road. Let the asshole look like a fucking asshole. He’s only humiliating himself. Douches gonna douche. Tools gonna tool.



I think the only silverlining here is that this dude just forever killed the word “trill” from my vocabulary forever. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


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