Contestant On ‘Mongolia’s Got Talent’ Belts Out George Straight Country Song, Stuns Everyone In The Crowd

by 1 year ago

I don’t know diddly squat about pop culture in Mongolia. Everything I know about Mongolia I’ve learned from watching Planet Earth, Anthony Bourdain, and Andrew Zimmern.

For all I know, Mongolia could be the Country Music capital of China. But, based on the audience’s reaction to this dude belting out ‘Amarillo by Morning’ by Country Music legend George Strait I’d say that nobody, myself included, expected him to have pipes like that. According to the YouTube description, the man in this video is O.Enkh-Erdene, and he later went on to win Mongolia’s Got Talent.

Until this morning I had no idea that Mongolia’s Got Talent even existed as a TV show, and I have no way of judging the overall quality of the show. With that said, I’m beginning to think that Mongolia’s one of the hottest music destinations in the world right now because a few months ago I blogged about a Mongolian Heavy Metal band which fucking rocks. If you haven’t checked out that Mongolia Heavy Metal band yet I REALLY IMPLORE YOU TO because they’re legit.

(h/t r/videos)

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