Drake Made Out With Madonna During His Coachella Set And His Reaction Was PRICELESS

A thirsty Bro like Drake has plenty of notches in his bed post, but now he can add “Drake makes out with Madonna” to his list. I mean… Wow. Just wow. During Drake’s headlining set at Coachella on Sunday evening, Madonna joined Drizzy on stage to close the festival. It ended with a BANG, with Drake making out with the 56-year-old performer in-front of tens of thousands, along with the thousands more watching the livestream online.

It’s a hell of a make-out, too, complete with some feisty hair grabbing before Drake goest “WTF AM I DOING?!” Here’s the video of Drake making out with Madonna on the Coachella main stage.



Gotta love Drake’s “Wait, did I just make out with someone my mom’s age?” reaction at the end.


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